Seminar Outline

Passion, Piety, Plagues, and Polities-The World of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages can be found, somewhere, in the centuries between the destruction of Rome 476 AD/CE  and the expulsion of the Moslem caliphate from Europe in 1492 AD/CE. “Dark Ages” were replaced by color and light in the High Middle Ages.  Feudalism was undermined eventually by vibrant city life and proto-Capitalism. Controversial Church reform, increasingly expressive art and exuberant architecture-all excited the age. Countering the positive trends, anti-semitism, the Black Death, and constant warfare made the future outlook seem gloomy.

This seminar will look at the heritage of the Middle Ages which, in many ways, foreshadows modern Europe and our modern world.

The seminar will follow a topical approach and, therefore, there will be no straight line chronology through the period. Art, Architecture, Religion , Social Change will be “post-holed”-that is, the seminar session may well cover material from the 5th Century-15th.

A highlight of the seminar is the participation of speakers with special expertise. The schedule of speakers and session topics is subject to change.

Sessions are subject to change or rescheduling

Phil Deely

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